Pilot orders are accepted 24-hours a day by telephone.  All order must be made by contacting Brazos Pilots Association at the main office.  No VHF order will be accepted.

Brazos Pilots Association telephone: 979-233-1120

2-hour notice required for all transits: arrival, sailing and shift.

Arrival, Sailing and Shifts require minimum:
    Arrivals – 2 hours notice (3 or more preferred)
    Departures – 2 hours notice
    Shifts – 2 hours notice

Movements are generally done on a first order first move basis with departing traffic having priority over arriving traffic.  Pilots have independent control over the order of ship movements to facilitate the most efficient manner to complete all orders.

Placing of a vessel pilot order warrants that the vessel is on the USCG Clear to Enter list and in compliance with all Federal navigation statutes.  Breach of the warranty resulting in fines incurred by the Brazos Pilots Association or its members will be invoiced to the vessel and/or persons, company placing order along with all attorney fees for collecting or defending same.

Daniel Blanton, Billy Burns, John Gunning, James Teeter

William Lowery, John Roach, Jack Stanley

Nell Henderson, Tammy Moss